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Time has always been a witness to some of the most impeccable success stories that inspire and instill trust. Our society always needs dignified, leal, adept and devoted fire safety solution providers, having immaculate track record for confiding its safety and well being. Year 2007, marked the starting of a novel era when under the competent guidance of Mr Himul Shah, Datt Krupa Fire Safety and Services was established in Vadodra with a single aim of fortifying the society by imparting knowledge in the form of fire and safety training, facilitating world class fire and safety equipment, assuring foremost AMC and maintenance of fire equipment, furnishing competent and disciplined fire and safety manpower and rendering safety audit and consultancy services. In more than a decade, with an astounding portfolio of revered clients like MNC companies, Petrochemical plants, Chemical plants, Power plants, High rise buildings, Hospitals, Factories, Pesticide Industry, Government and Semi Government sectors availing varied safety services, and an immaculate record of successfully handling fire calls during Petrochemical fire, Oil fire, Toxic gas leakage, Electric fire, and General Fire, Datt Krupa Fire Safety and Services has become an ultimate name for trust and perfection. Datt Krupa Fire Safety and Services has also contributed the most during Rescue and Emergency services in accidents, floods, cyclone, earthquake and rural fire.

Splendiferous sophistication in handling fire calls, ERT (emergency response team) team management, industrious maintenance of fire safety equipments, Flawless AMC and after sales service, a long list of illustrious clients and a great track record has resulted in an acclivitous rise in eminent repute of Datt Krupa Fire Safety and Services, and it has become an undisputed leader and an epitome of efficiency, management and a complete safety solution provider in fire safety and services domain.


Datt Krupa Fire Safety and Services is constantly striving to be the premium provider of the cutting edge technological research in the domain of providing complete solutions for fire safety. The highly trained personnel recruited in the workforce take pride in working for us. We, at this organization do not view you as mere clients. If we have committed to your security, we are always deemed to be answerable to it. Since its inception, the enterprise has held nothing but a high morale with regards to the practices it follows. We commenced our journey as a unit with a unanimous goal of achieving the complete protection of our customers from unfortunate fires and any such related incidents. And we hold our heads high to pronounce that we have rightly accomplished that. The team works tirelessly to execute its principles of paying heed to all the necessary policies required for attaining the standards we have set. Exaggerating the expenses baselessly is a practice we do not indulge ourselves into. Round the clock solutions for fire accidents, maintenance and upkeep of the fire equipment and queries regarding any kind of fire solutions are catered to with utmost patience and patience. Try out our services to know the difference!


  • Team Datt Krupa Fire Safety

    Our team comprises of ardent and knowledgeable professionals like Fire officers, Quality controllers, Administrative staff, Research and Development team and after sales and services staff. Above all, the passion and perseverance of these visionaries who have vast experience in fire safety and services have worked wonders for Datt Krupa Fire Safety and Services.
  • Himul Shah (Mentor)

    A Fire Officer having immense experience in fire and safety training, sound expertise in chemical industry, a great administrator and a person who understands corporate social responsibility very well, thereby creating the self regulating business module to make the company socially accountable. The man of great reputation, Mr HImul Shah, has invested his heart and soul in this Endeavour to see that our society remains safe. His extensive life experience helps him keep his as well as his team members spirit’s high even in the jolted times. His expertise is reflected in the form of organizational skills, proper planning, team training, team handling and a prompt response in case of immediate fire.


Supplier of Fire Safety Products: A plethora of world class fire safety products like Fire extinguishers, Fire blankets, Fire Hose reels, Signage, Sprinklers, First aid kits, Emergency and one of the most competent after sales services to its honorable clients.

Supplier of Fire and Safety Manpower: Datt Krupa Fire Safety and Services provides young, dynamic, proficient, devoted and disciplined manpower ranging from Fire Officers, Firemen, Fire Drivers, Nursing Assistants to Ambulance Drivers for ensuring absolute security and well being of your premises and the valued residents or employees.

AMC for Fire Fighting Equipment: Annual Maintenance Contract, abbreviated as AMC, is maintained by the firm in a very methodical and systematized manner. There are multifarious tasks that need to be executed in order to achieve complete fire safety like the meticulous upkeep of logbooks and registers, quarterly testing of hose pipes in accordance to the IS standards, and executing regular inspections of fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire fighting pumps, sprinklers, sprinkler alarms, smoke detectors, hose boxes, etc.

Fire and Safety Training: The organization has set prerequisites for any newcomer joining in for Fire and Safety training. Rigorous training is provided on a regular basis. The entire crew is trained to handle any unfortunate mishap such as a sudden fire breakout. Drills and mock drills are a routinely module in the firm. We have experienced, and devout personnel who put their complete time and focus towards these training schedules and deliver services to clients single mindedly.

Safety Audit and Consultancy services: The safety audit that we procure and maintain is an accumulated information in a very organized structure that aids in your workplace becoming a safer place to operate from. Moreover, the consultancy team leaves no stone unturned to deliver you with satisfactory advice pertaining to the installation, working, continuation of any fire product and service or any other related query you are seeking an answer to. Until and unless we are certain of the fact that you are contented with the consultancy department, we do not like to leave our clients midway. Therefore, feel free to come up with anything related to fire, which pesters you and let us tackle it with the best of our abilities!


Details Of Our Legal Registrations


Particulars Registration Number
PAN – Number BISPS0179M
E.P.F.– Number GJ/BRD/65567
E.S.I.- Number 38.00.024362.000.1018
Professional Tax. Number PEC020305519.
Firm Establishment & Registration. B-26/11895- Vadodara
SSI & MSME Certificate EM2 24 019 21 00658
Labour License Authority by Labour Commissioner
Service Tax. Number BISPS0179M SD001
Income Tax Return ( last Three years) Latest returns are available.
Bank Solvency Certificate ( 25 Lacs ) Union Bank Of India-Vadodara